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Wilderness First Aid & Boating Safety
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Wilderness First Aid NY Services

All First Aid related courses taught by WFANY are provided by Emergency Care and Safety Institute:
The Boating Safety course is provided by New York State


WFA Resources
WFA Resources

All First Aid and Safety related courses taught by WFANY are provided by Emergency Care and Safety Institute:

Here are the links to the TRAINING VIDEOS:

Primary Survey by Holger.mp4

Secondary Survey by Holger.mp4

Vital Signs by Holger.mp4

Bandaging by Holger.mp4

Tourniquet by Holger.mp4

Epi Pen by Holger.mp4

Splinting with Natural Materials by Holger.mp4

Splinting- Padded Aluminum by Holger.mp4

Sling and Binder by Holger.mp4


Boating Safety Course Registration
Boating Safety Course Registration

WFANY also offers Boating Safety training. Mr. Stave is the instructor qualified to teach the NASBLA approved New York Safe Boating course.  This course is available on a regular basis every month.  Please register below.  
Everyone, regardless of age or experience, will be required to be in posession of the NASBLA approved Boating Safety Certificate by 2025 when operating any mechanically powered vessel on NYS waters.  The phasing in schedule is on the HOME page.
A $10 fee is required for anyone 18 years old and over for the certificate application to NYS Parks & Rec upon successful completion of the course.


Please register below for the class you would like to attend. If that class is full, you will be contacted.
The State requires a minimum of 6 participants to run the class. Exceptions may be allowed.
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Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Courses
Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Courses

Three Standard ECSI First Aid and CPR/AED coursed are available:
Standard First Aid: @ 3 hrs
Standard CPR/AED: @ 2 1/2 hrs
Combined Standard First Aid & CPR/AED: @ 5hrs

For camp counselors and other professional health care providers we offer the equivalent of BLS:  Healthcare Provider CPR

Sports First Aid is also available for coaches.  Please check with your AD or Person In Charge which level of First Aid is accepted by your program!
Some areas accept Standard First Aid, some areas require Sports First Aid & Injury Prevention for NYS Coaches!  

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